Indoors+ 2011-2013

The National Garden

Installation of the group Indoors Plus (members, artists: Mary Christea  Antigoni Kavvatha, Marigo Kassi, Vally Nomidou, Spyridoula Politi,  Konstantinos Stamatiou and the Physicist Dr. Ernestos Argyres )

Sound:  Stefanos Barbalias

Curator: Stamatis Schizakis

A strange, allegorical, white garden, produced for the National Museum of Contemporary Art, in Athens, Greece. It is a large scale installation, a depiction of the ground plan of the National Garden of Athens. The white color is dominant and creates a cold sensation that refers to a frozen, paradoxical, lifeless space. The visitor roaming through the installation becomes part of it, turning on with his footsteps a muffled sound ambience.

“ Our National Garden constitutes a model of coexistence, allows the creation of a common work, where our different voices meet to deal with questions of identity, collectivity and behavior, in an effort of smoothing the contrasts created by our different individualities”

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