Chthonic Serpents and Sacred Trees 2011



Antigoni Kavvatha creates “Chthonic Serpents and Sacred Trees” with an exquisitely sensitive and simple yet elaborate design which explores the tonal contrasts of black and white…She reveals different facets of forest scenes; trees and trunks hibernating or victimized by arson, lightning, and drought…

In the forms revealed, the viewer discovers allusions to Meanders, Galaxies, the Triton that is tamed by Hercules, dragons, and sacred serpents of different religions – all shapes and images that have captivated her for a long time.

The black and white compositions (acrylic on mylar), appearing in various dimensions and endless friezes, constitute a characteristic element of a deep and personal passion for such themes as: nature and life, myth v. reality, the visible v. the invisible, and appearance v. substance…

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