Shadows 2005


STEVEN HUNTER, MFA: “Still Life” (from the catalog of the exhibition “Shadows” 2005)
“…The atmosphere of Antigoni Kavvatha’s paintings conveys to the viewer a feeling that she is witnessing events the day after a catastrophe has disturbed a previously existing balance. The sources of this disequilibrium remain unclear; perhaps they are of some metaphysical character, or rooted in an ecological sensibility…”

“… Antigoni Kavvatha is dedicating most of her work to nature and the influences and impacts which human beings have on it. She is retracing what we still find in nature in a mysterious and mystical way. She is focusing on something which we perhaps might already have taken for granted or, even worse, which we don’t see anymore: the details of woods, of trees and bushes, of flowers and nature in general. She is forcing the viewer to look closer into what is a detail of landscape…”

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