Gazi 1991-1994


THEMIS MAGRIOTIS: “Act of imprinting of light” (from the catalog of the exhibition “Gazi 1991-1994”)

Even though the shadow, metaphorically as well as literally, constitutes an allusion, A.K. has reversed the concept of allusion with that of direct imprint: the “image” (in this case the photograph) alludes and suggests. The shadow, instead of occupying the place of the “outline”, the echo of objects, becomes the protagonist of the painted surface, its main subject. The images emerge out of a tightly constructed lattice of shadows. The autobiographical elements of the painting, implied through the photographs of the girl and the male nude looking directly out towards the spectator, encompass in the whole process the presence of successive eras of technology in the soft focus of melted light. The Parthenon of the Golden Age behind the skeletal mesh of the gas factory, illegitimate child of the industrialization of our own century. Overlapping meanings in a bold pictorial statement, where the visible constitutes the Microcosm and the imprint of light the Raw Material.

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